Torre Alta/S. Rabano/Cala di Forno: riding between towers, woods and sea

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Parking of Tenuta dell'Uccellina, near Collecchio.


 20 Km


  6 Ore



Every day at 8.30 am and at 4.00 pm.

Min. 3 max 8 partecipants

The distance between “Sasso della Signora” location and San Rabano abbey and Uccellina tower permits to connect the Alberese horseback itineraries to Collecchio horseback itineraries. The way goes along the crest of the Uccellina mountains from where it’s possible to watch the both sides landscape. Toward the sea there’s a beautiful view on the Arcipelago Toscano islands, that permits to the area to be one of the more beautiful locations in Tuscany. Along the different types of Uccellina mountains woods we reach the famous abbey of XI century, named San Rabano and Torre Uccellina (1321). Then we go down to the gorgeous Cala di Forno beach to come back along the ancient custom way, close to Torre Alta or Torre della Bella Marsilia. For people with experience.


Tickets (including guide)

€ 100 (With horse hire), € 55 (Without the hire of the horse)

Booking and guide are compulsory


What you can see

raduno-equestre-170_a-cavallo raduno-equestre-065_a-cavallo raduno-equestre-025_a-cavallo DSCN1997_a-cavallo DSCN1985_a-cavallo DSCN1983_a-cavallo DSCN1946_a-cavallo DSCN1931_a-cavallo DSCN1873_a-cavallo DSCN1867_a-cavallo 30032014481_a-cavallo MG_0038_a-cavallo WP_20150328_156_a-cavallo WP_20150328_115_a-cavallo WP_20150328_013_a-cavallo raduno-equestre-251_a-cavallo phoca_thumb_l_cala-fornoimg phoca_thumb_l_cala-forno3_img phoca_thumb_l_cala-forno2_img phoca_thumb_l_102-0250_img phoca_thumb_l_102-0240_img phoca_thumb_l_102-0236_img phoca_thumb_l_102-0233_img phoca_thumb_l_102-0230_img phoca_thumb_l_102-0221_img phoca_thumb_l_102-0218_img San Rabano San Rabano San Rabano San Rabano San Rabano San Rabano San Rabano San Rabano phoca_thumb_l_102-0209_stc San Rabano San Rabano

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