T1 Punta del Corvo

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The tickets can be purchased on our online sales service or at the Alberese Visitors Centre

All tours start at the Talamone Aquarium located in via Nizza 20

From Tuesday, September 11, the itinerary is open every day, once the ticket is purchased at the visitor center.




4 Km




1 hour





The itinerary is accessible by mountain bike, without compulsory guide. Departure from Talamone Aquarium, then take the direction to “Capo d’Uomo”, and arrive to entrance gate.

Going across the entrance gate, for a part of itinerary we go through the ridge of the hill and then at the crossing we turn on the right.

We go across a part of wood with so many small areas that were used in the past to produce the coal. On the ridge of the hill the way is quite flat. We turn on the left and we take the main path, continuing inside the Mediterranean bush. Then we find, on the right, another way that permits to reach, in few minutes, a panoramic point of view. To come back we take the main path, we go back on the ridge of the hill, to the departure point and then to the village.



Adults: € 10.00

Reduced: (groups min. 20 people) € 5.00

Without rent bike

P.S.: Booking and guide are compulsory only from 15 June to 15 September.


What it’s possible to see

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