Save the date: June 28 “Racconti di mare”

Save the date: June 28 “Racconti di mare”

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On the occasion of the beginning of the summer season, the Maremma Park offers a free itinerant show, created by the Studio Theater entitled “Racconti di Mare”.

During the event the public will be led along the paths of the Pinottolaio Area, offering the opportunity for an immersion in the Park, to rediscover the scents, sounds, colors of the environment of the bush


The sounds of the nearby sea, will be the background to the sensory experience and the story lines that the four actors will bring to the attention of the public.

Professional actors take part in the performance:

Luca Pierini

Mirio Tozzini

Enrica Pistolesi

Daniela Maretti

The appointment is for all interested parties at 5.30 pm at the Alberese Visitor Center, from where the group will move, guided by the employees of the Park, to the area where the theatrical performance will take place, the Pinottolai area.

The show is free, but booking at the visitor center is mandatory, by contacting the visitor center on + 39 0564 393238.