Coop Members

The Coop Members and their carers can take advantage of the € 1.00 discount on all the walking itineraries of the Maremma Park, purchased at the Park Visitors Center.

Members of the Mutua della Maremma – Mutual Credit Cooperative

The members of Mutua and their companions and members of the Mutuals adhering to the COMIPA holders of the Carta Mutuasalus®, upon presentation of the same card, can take advantage of the € 1.00 discount on the entrance tickets to the Park (for walking routes, in bicycle and Aquarium entrance of the Orbetello Lagoon at Talamone), purchased at the Park Visitors Center.

FAI Members

FAI Members can take advantage of a 10% discount on the itineraries on foot and cycle paths inside the Maremma Park purchased at the Park Visitors Center.



For the itineraries on foot and by bike the following promotions are in force


Discount n. 1- discount for families or groups (3 x 4)

– Discount for families with at least 2 children or for groups of 4 –

In this case a free ticket is provided to one of the members of the family or group, stating that the free ticket itself concerns one of those at full cost (variable cost in relation to the type of itinerary).


Discount n. 2- discount “get 3 pay 2” (3 x 2)

The visitor who buys the tickets for three different excursions in three separate days will have one for free. All excursions must be booked and paid at the time of collecting the tickets.


Discount n. 3- discount “get 2 pay 1” (2 x 1)

The visitor who buys a ticket for a cost of 10 €, can, on the same day, make another itinerary with a lower cost for free with the same ticket.


Discount n. 4- “loyalty” discount (fidelity ticket)

In this case a discount is applied to the visitor who makes several excursions within the Park within a week. Tickets after the first excursion are issued as reduced to the display of the ticket purchased previously.


Discount n.5- discount “donate your photos” (photo ticket)

Who gives to the Park, by sending them by e-mail to the Visitor Center (, at least 4 photos in high definition (3-4 M) taken along the itineraries of the Park, will be entitled to a reduced ticket for a future entry to the Park.


For guests of the recommended exercises

Guests of the recommended exercises can take advantage of the 20% discount on all the itineraries (on foot and by bicycle) of the Maremma Park.

The guests of the recommended exercises with the qualification of “ENVIRONMENTAL EXCELLENCE” from the Park are entitled to a 30% discount on the entrances to the itineraries of the Maremma Park.