How to visit


The Park is open all year round, all days of week.

To enter, buy entrance tickets to the Visitor Centre. It is possible to take a tour on your own or with a group, with a guide or not, in depending on the period of the year. Before taking the shuttle bus you need the Park entrance ticket available at the Alberese Visitor Centre. The ticket includes the shuttle bus ticket.


  • Wear trekking boots or comfortable and closed shoes.
  • Bring the itineraries map available at the Visitor Centre.
  • Bring drinking water, a rain coat, a hat and a mosquito repellant which is very useful in some periods of the year.

Useful advice


  • Stay on the signed paths and follow the guides indications.
  • Respect the plants, animals and the environment and don’t take away anything finden along the itineraries.
  • Don’t make noise.
  • Do not disturb the wild animals or offer them food. That can create a dependence of some animals by the people and meddle in the learning process of some wild puppies, which can’t be able to eat by themselves in the future. For people it’s dangerous due to accidental bites with the possibility of diseases transmission.
  • Do not leave any waste.
  • Don’t smoking along the itineraries.
  • It is forbidden and extremely dangerous to light fires.
  • Do not introduce pets. The presence can disturb, directly or indirectly, several wild species. Some diseases can be trasmitted through excrements to pets.


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During the Summer


Following the disciplinary about the summer fires by the Tuscany Region during the summer it’s possible to visit the Park only with a guide and in following some regulations.

During the Spring, Autumn and Winter


During these periods of the year it’s possible to visit the Park without the compulsory guide, in buying an entrance ticket. The access to the itineraries is from Pinottolaio location by bus, line 17.

From 2 November unitl next spring the shuttle bus service is closed and the departure to itineraries is in "Pinottolaio" location (sea street), where a parking for visitors is available.