The “Recommended Facilities” are the tourist facilities (hotels, agritourism, B & B, restaurants and all the tourist activities) which are in the Park area or in the contiguous Park area.

The facilities, which conform the project, have to guarantee the urbanistic conformity of buildings, the Council authorization to work in the tourism; they have to satisfy the environmental quality and follow laws about the respect of the environment.

These standards are about the typical characteristics of the activities which are in the Maremma Park territory, overall about a type of management which increases the value of the area, the promotion of typical products and of the traditional kitchen, the correct management of the waste, the correct use of the water, the use of sustainable energies, the contribution to decrease the traffic density and the giving all the informations about the Park and its products.

To be more precise the environmental characteristics which have to be satisfied from the facilities are:

  1. To reduce plastic and to eliminate plates and glasses to use only one time
  2. To use recycled paper
  3. To adopt all measures to economize the water and the electricity
  4. To organize the separate collection of rubbish
  5. To cook typical food
  6. To give informations about all the Park activities
  7. To elect a representative for the relations with the Park
  8. To give to clients some satisfaction questionnaires

Park “Recommended facilities” guests have a discount of 20% on all Maremma Park itineraries.

Complete list

Park Recommended Facilities List

Accommodation with the qualification of Environmental Excellence

Park “Excellence Recommended Facilities” guests have a discount of 30% on all Maremma Park itineraries.

Environmental Excellence

Some Park recommended facilities have another and additional award, the “Environmental Excellence”. This is an award for the most virtuous facilities. In the facilities list map they have the flower symbol.


Other facilities in the Grosseto area: