“La Poesia del Legno”: inauguration of Mario Di Felice’s exhibition at the Maremma Park

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Saturday, March 24 at 17.00 will be inaugurated all’ex-Frantoio, at the Visitor Center of the Maremma Park the exhibition of sculptures by Mario Di Felice, entitled “The Poetry of Wood”.

The sculptures of Mario Di Felice are made from unique blocks of wood that work with chisels, gouges and rasps to obtain slender, light elastic and strongly elongated figures that rely on their gestures, much more than the mass, their expressiveness communicative.

His “filiform and solitary” pieces, tell moods and emotions, creating suggestions pervaded by a subtle but palpable melancholic vein.

The anthropomorphic figures “have no face and for the most part not even a sex, because – according to Di Felice – emotions and moods capture all, indifferently men and women, and manifest themselves with body language. He is with his whole body – he continues – through his posture, his gestures and the movement that each of us expresses his own joy and restlessness, his own joy and his own sadness, his own indifference and his own love.”

It also creates works with recycled metal, in this way the materials destined to become waste reacquire value, finding a new life as objects of art.

The works of Mario Di Felice from March 24 will be on display at the Maremma Park, where they will remain until May 27, 2018.

The exhibition is free and open every day according to the times of the Park Visitor Center, from 8.30 am to 4 pm. For information please contact the Visitor Center at: 0564 407098

Who is the author:

Mario Di Felice started sculpting wood since adolescence, his first work dates from 1965, and since then he has never stopped his artistic activity. It was and is the great passion of his life. It follows the music, then the graphics and then the engineering. He started exhibiting in the 90s with Etruriarte in Venturina. Since then he has participated in numerous other collective and personal exhibitions in Italy – still Venturina, but also Rome, Florence, Reggio Emilia, Parma, Ivrea, Vicenza, among the most important and abroad in France and up to the United States, where He was invited, together with a dozen Italian wood sculptors, to a sculpture performance, the Performing Sculptors of Italy in fact, at the King of Prussia Mall, an immense commercial center not far from Philadelphia, where it ended with an auction charity.