“In Punta di Corna”: inauguration of Federico Gemma’s exhibition at the Parco della Maremma

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Saturday, June 16, at 17.00 will be inaugurated the painting exhibition “In Punta di Corna” that lands in its natural site: The Regional Park of the Maremma. Hosted in the Ex oil mill of the Park Visitor Center in Alberese from June to August, it will be possible to admire the new watercolor works by Federico Gemma dedicated to the bulls and Maremma cows with big lyre horns, but also to their traditional guardians: the butteri on horseback.

A journey through the Maremma nature accompanied by the shadows of the pine woods, the reflections of the lagoons from the singing of the hoopoes, the delicate colors of the flamingos and the appearance of a fox.

The works of Federico Gemma will be exhibited at the former Frantoio del Parco from 2 June until 31 August.

The exhibition is free and open every day according to the schedules of the Park Visitor Center.

For information please contact the Visitor Center at: 0564 407098

Who is the author

Federico Gemma, born in Rome in 1970, is a biologist, illustrator and naturalist painter, he is also a member of the Society of Wildlife Artists (SWLA).

He has made drawings for books, magazines, calendars, educational panels and for numerous scientific and naturalistic publications collaborating with various national and international organizations and associations, museums, parks and nature reserves.

He has performed several group and solo exhibitions in Italy and abroad and in recent years has received the “Birdwatch Artist of the Year” and the “RSPB Fine Art Award” two of the most prestigious awards of English Wildlife Art.

For the Royal Mail he recently created a set of 10 ornithological stamps.

For editions EDT has made some notebooks dedicated to the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago.

He has exhibited his notebooks in various editions of the “Rendez-vous du Carnet de Voyage” in Clermont Ferrand, of “Pencils in Travel” in Mestre of “Autori Diari di Viaggio” in Ferrara.

She loves to travel and make real notebooks, portraying nature and the animals encountered with particular fondness for birds, mammals, and landscapes. He prefers the watercolor technique for the speed of execution and the transparency of the colors.