On the river waiting for sunrise

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partenza from “La Barca” location, near Alberese


  2 Hours



Disabed people


Itinerary not currently active

For information you can call or send a whatsapp message to +39 375 582 8328, or you can write to info@silvacoop.com
To request an excursion, fill out the form on the website www.silvacoop.com/canoa, by 5.00 pm on the day before the visit.

Along the banks, cormorants can be seen on dry eucalyptus plants which had been planted during the reclamation of the marshes. At Trappola Tower, around three kilometers away from the sea, the river gets bigger, its banks become lower and the typical riparious vegetation changes completely. Poplars and willows are replaced by bushes of lentiscus and tamarisk. The land is mainly covered with salicornia, almost completely submersed in winter and dry in summer, which are used by maremman cattle to graze freely. Reeds and tamarisks, which cover the banks, can be seen by getting nearer and nearer to the sea.

Booking is compulsory  to La Silva Cooperative at +39 375 582 8328 or by email at info@silvacoop.com, by 5.00 pm on the day before the visit.

Tickets: € 35,00 for person (the guide and Tasco 7x35 binocular included)