A4 Cala di Forno

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partenza Pinottolai Location



18 Km


  9 Hours



Disabled people


From 29 June to 8 September 2019, see itinerary C3, Click here

From Monday 9 September 2019 the itinerary is active again, without a guide or reservation.

The itinerary can be reached by bus n. 17 from Alberese, once the ticket has been purchased at the visitor center.

Once the ticket is purchased at the visitor center, visitors can park their cars in Pinottolai (Strada del Mare) and on the car dashboard they must affix the sheet issued by the visitor center.

From this parking the itinerary goes along the way inside the Gran Duchy pine wood for 1600 m, until to reach the wood bridge, where there's a sign with the indication of A4 itinerary.

Brooms, cists and rosemary alternate with bush and woods of secular juniper. At the end of the path, the fantastic Cala di Forno beach unfolds the visitors with an unforgettable view overlooking the sea after the long walk.

Tickets to the Alberese Visitor Centre, tel: +39 0564 407098.

Adults: € 10.00

Reduced: (children from 6 years to 14 years,  groups min. 20 people, students up to 25 years of age) € 5.00

P.S.: Booking and guide are compulsory for groups from 20 people

What you can see

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